Archives Committee

Elizabeth Bowden, Chair
Mary Tyson, Officer Liaison
Diane Bobrowski
Nancy Folsom
Cheryl Pater
John Richards
Jim Warth
Sharon Youngs


The Archives Committee will gather documents, photos and other materials concerning The Florida Council of the Blind. These items will be digitized and placed in the archives digital file cabinet museum; housed on two 1.5TB external hard drives; each to be kept at separate locations. The archives chairperson will be responsible for placing materials submitted by FCB members, chapters and special affiliates in to the digital archives museum. Such materials may include minutes of FCB board meetings, treasurer’s reports, photographs, copies of charters and any other pertinent information. The Archives Committee is responsible for providing convention sound files and copies of the White Cane Bulletin to be archived.


The members of the Archives Committee will contact a representative from each chapter/affiliate to update the FCB archives chapter history form.

The Archives Committee will collect, organize and transfer digital information in to the digital archives museum.
If you have any questions or comments, email the FCB Archive Committee at