Budget and Finance Committee

Mark Lear, Chair
Mikey Wiseman, Officer Liaison
Paul Edwards
Sila Miller
Dan Spoone
Sharon Youngs


This committee headed by the Treasurer and consisting of up to seven members, has the multiple tasks of overseeing the financial affairs of the FCB. The committee develops the annual budget, advises the Treasurer and Board about investment of funds, and oversees fundraising activities, both by the FCB and chapters. In cooperation with the FCB Treasurer, the committee develops the annual operating budget which is presented to the Board of Directors for change and/or approval.

The budget must enumerate proposed expenditures as well as expected income from various sources. In their capacity as financial advisors, the members of this committee assist the Treasurer and Board with appropriate investment of surplus funds. In general, the investment vehicles used should be fairly conservative, safe but returning a good level of income.

In addition, the committee is responsible to have the organization's financial records audited each year, either internally or by an outside accountant. In addition to the above duties, the committee is responsible to oversee all fund raising activities of the FCB and its Chapters. Especially of concern are projects which utilize professional fund raisers and those that may present the organization as well as blindness and disability in a negative light.


It is strongly encouraged that chapters wishing to initiate a fund raising activity obtain advise and permission from the Budget & Finance Committee before commencing the project.

If you have any questions or comments, email the FCB Budget and Finance Committee at learm52@icloud.com.