Access Committee

Paul Edwards, Chair
Sheila Young, Officer Liaison
Peggy Carpenter
Nancy Folsom
Jason Goldfield
Debbie Grubb
Wanda Stokley
Mikey Wiseman


The purpose of this committee is to keep aware of changes in statutes and regulations regarding access to transportation, architecture and programs for people who are blind, visually-impaired or otherwise disabled.
The Committee provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, opinions, and knowledge as they relate to physical and program accessibility, including transportation.
This committee is a forum for chapters and individuals to discuss problems of transportation, information availability, and other accessibility concerns. Possible solutions may be recommended.


In keeping with FCB's policy of working with groups representing individuals with various disabilities, this committee shall endeavor to network with other organizations to share information.
The success of this committee depends on input from its members, the sharing of information with chapters, and local, state and national involvement on the part of blind people.
If you have any questions or comments, email the FCB Access Committee at