Education, Leadership and Scholarship Committee

Gabriel Lopez-Kafati, Chair
Sheila Young, Officer Liaison
Dolor Ginchereau
Debbie Grubb
Randy Reed
Leslie Spoone
Mary Tyson
Mikey Wiseman


The Education Committee's major focus is the educational needs and concerns of families, teachers and disabled students, especially those who are visually-impaired. The committee coordinates the FCB Scholarship program by:

  1. Establishing criteria;
  2. Publicizing scholarship availability;
  3. Disseminating application blanks to resources for potential applicants;
  4. Receiving and screening applications for eligibility;
  5. Selecting scholarship recipients.

This committee is also responsible to stress the importance of leadership skills in the proper administration of FCB and its chapters. It also promotes programs that encourage development of personal and administrative skills.

If you have any questions or comments, email the FCB Education and Leadership Committee at