Convention Committee

Kati Lear, Chair
Cassandra Jessie, Officer Liaison
Sally Benjamin
Mark Lear
Dan Spoone
Leslie Spoone
Wanda Stokley
Cachet Wells
Mikey Wiseman
Sheila Young


The responsibilities of this committee are to assume the planning of the entire Convention. This committee is composed of up to seven members, including the Treasurer, the Convention Coordinator, 2 members from the host chapter, and at the discretion of the President, a program planner.

Proposed Guidelines

  1. Negotiate with the hotel as to room rates and number of rooms to be reserved.
  2. Secure the proper number of meeting rooms from Friday afternoon (if desired) through Sunday to accommodate the number of members in attendance for the various meetings and workshops.
  3. Check out the dining facilities to ensure they meet the needs of the convention attendees.
  4. Establish the program, including theme, speakers, entertainment (a live band and dance floor if desired), etc.
  5. Determine seating arrangements for the head table at both the Awards Luncheon (if one is held) and the banquet.
  6. Arrange for a convention message center by connecting an answering machine to a house telephone.
  7. The Convention call and other publicity should be available and sent at least eight (8) weeks prior to the convention date.

A chapter may offer to host the convention in its area. The date and location of the convention will be selected by the Board of Directors.

If you have any questions or comments, email the FCB Convention Committee at