Florida Council of Citizens with Low Vision

Did you know...?

Only 10% of people called “blind” are totally blind. The other 90% are people with low vision. Recognizing that these people have different needs, challenges and issues than those who are totally blind, the Florida Council of Citizens with Low Vision was founded as part of Florida Council of the Blind.

FCCLV is here to serve those people with some remaining sight with information, resources. Educational programs and, the extremely important, peer support. FCCLV is the place where people with low vision can find solutions and answers.

We hold our annual meeting in conjunction with the FCB Convention and 6 or more virtual meetings throughout the year. You may also visit us on our facebook or Linkdin pages. You may also email us at FCCLV.sia@gmail.com. Or you may call Paul Lewis at 239.634.6515.


Mikey Wiseman

1st Vice President
Lorraine Clement

2nd Vice President
Cheryl Sytsma

Recording Secretary
Sharon Youngs

Lisa Kemp

Membership Secretary
Sally Benjamin

Board Representative